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GitLean is an analytics tool for engineering managers like
Team Leads and CTO's. We use data from Git.
Our analytics is about process, not code.
What problems we solve
Analytics of development workflow
Performance analysis of individual developer
Communication with non-technical management
Analytics of development workflow
Q. We've adopted TDD. Was it a good decision? How to measure effect of it?

A. Changes in dev workflow eventually affect your code base. GitLean measures these changes and provides information on most impactful factors.
Q. Looks like delivery time in our project is too long. What are the main time leaks in our workflow?

A. GitLean measures development time, code review time and release time for each task. We notify you about tasks with time-issues on any of these stages.
Q. We've hired a new software engineer. How is his/her onboarding going?

A. Every software developer needs time to start working on an optimal level at a new place. We estimate how long that process will take for a specific developer and show you how it will affect team performance.
Q. Developer Sam took a vacation. Nobody knew how his code works. As a result we postponed important release. How to avoid such problems?

A. We find places in your code that are well-known to a minority of developers. This information will help you rotate developers and distribute code base knowledge more evenly.
Performance analysis of individual developer
Q. How to help an engineer to grow? Which aspects of work he needs to focus on?

A. We measure work of engineer with 5 groups of metrics - dynamics of growth of engineer's code base, commits practices, code review practices, practices of tasks development, code base knowledge. Improving values of these metrics will let engineer work more productive.
Q. One of our developers is working on the task for the second week. Is everything okay?

A. GitLean analyzes how developers write code and detect anomalies in that process. You will know when the situation is going out of control.
Q. How to minimize the number of bugs? Whose code should we test more attentively?

A. We find commits in code base history that added bugs that were fixed later. Based on this information we make predictions of the risk level for new commits.
Q. One of our developers wants a promotion. Admit or reject? What should the developer focus on to get the promotion?

A. GitLean collects statistics about developer's work and highlights main achievements and failures of the developer for the specific period.
Communication with non-technical managment
Q. How to advocate the amount of time dev team spends on tech debt?

A. With GitLean you can measure how much time your team has spent on tech debt and measure the effect of this work on the performance of the team.
Q. Product manager gave the team a large task for the sprint and then changed requirements in the middle of the sprint. How to show him the effect of such decision and to convince him to split tasks into smaller parts?

A. We calculate the amount of time that developers spend on code rewritings and determine the dependency between size of task and delivery time.
Q. CEO asks when we will finish the task. How to estimate it?

A. Based on your historical data we assess the accuracy of tasks estimates and forecast time of tasks completion for different scenarios of implementation.
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GitLean is analytics tool for engineering managers like
Team Leads and CTO's. We use data from Git.
Our analytics is about process, not code.
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